Walk 30 minutes a day

Reasons To Start Walking

1. Walking is versatile.

Whether you’re staying local or traveling, exploring the neighborhood on foot is the easiest way to get moving. It clears the head, gets you outside, maintains your fitness and, because it’s low impact, isn’t as likely to cause injury as other sports.

2. You’ll get an endorphin and serotonin boost.

Scheduling a walking meeting with your boss or client not only gets you

out of the neon-lit conference room, but commits you both to including exercise into your daily schedule. What’s more, the release of endorphins and serotonin brings on a natural high, making that pay raise or contract so much easier to negotiate.

3. Listen to a podcast.

Walking solo? If you don’t have time to listen to podcasts at your desk, download them. Just stay alert of your surroundings if you’re walking with headphones, and check your phone carrier’s download limit to avoid hidden costs.

4. You’ll meet people.

If you’ve always wanted to participate in a marathon, buddy up with a friend and train for a walking marathon — it’s a great place to start. Or if you prefer something less intense, join a walking group, or attend a local walking meetup in your city. Who knows what you’ll discover or who you’ll meet…

5. Walking is good for you.

Don’t buy into the myth that walking isn’t sweaty or strenuous enough to offer real benefits. Research shows that regular, brisk walking is associated with lower blood pressure, improved mood and better cholesterol ratios.


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